About Us

A brief description of Loose Ends, who we are and where we came from.

We are Loose Ends Clothing, a premium streetwear brand from the south of England.
We started Loose Ends in February of 2021 with an aim to provide clothing with true meaning and purpose.

“A Detail Not Yet Settled or Explained”
This quote was the initial spark behind our brand and naming. We initially used this quote to help inspire our first range of summer T-shirts which we released in July of '21.

We continue to use similar quotations & designs in order to align with the original slogan & to continue pushing the same meaning throughout our brand.

Our pieces are all drawn out and planned to both stand out and fit the current streetwear market while again, maintaining our original messaging.

We have already made amazing progress as a brand through expansion & upscaling and are on the path to continue doing so for years to come. Since January we have released a further two collections, one of which was a collaboration with the lil Brains company, helping support and raise awareness for all aspects of mental health.

Everything we do always has a powerful meaning and we will never stop creating and innovating through our designs & marketing. From Bournemouth to the entire world, we are Loose Ends.